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Japan Rugby Union shocked to now be in charge of popular sport

Following unexpected victories in the World Cup, the Ja […]

Mosaic shortage sends panic pulsating through AV industry

A spate of typhoons in western Japan has caused serious […]

Power in the hands of language school manager – and he’s firmly gripping it!

It’s a long way from Anchorage to Tokyo, and there are […]

Fastidious weirdo hits the century mark for used-panties

Despite an aversion to uncleanliness which would put mi […]

Tobacco. It’s sexy.

Japan to be graced with the presence of another photographer

Jim Windsor sits in his modest apartment in Columbus, O […]

No whistleblowers at Schoolgirl Cafe

The so-called schoolgirl café area in Ikebukuro has pro […]

Cor Blimey! English Culture Festival attracts thousands to Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park became the park of hope and glory on the we […]

Situation Vacant Q & A: Tokyo’s Wadd & Felch Modeling Agency

When it comes to looking for work in the modeling/fashi […]

Tunnels once again grab Seriously Lame Comedy Award

Tokyo based comedy duo Tunnels can now claim to be the […]