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Japan Govt looking to open borders, but limit numbers of J-vloggers

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The Mistakes Foreigners Make When Getting Acquainted with Japanese Women

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No podgy, bald, white men please. We’re Japanese.

New Zealander celebrates 20 years of telling his wank/fart anecdote

Anyone who has learnt a second language will probably r […]

Demanding, Entitled Women spell the end for Goofy Guys

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Career Opportunities in Nursing are ones that always knock

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“No foreigners” sign leaves Westerners stunned

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Short on denim – But not on courage

It’s certainly a pleasure to be able to admire Kito Yak […]

Idol’s fan realizes that she has never done anything good

  “So… what is your favorite Ai Kato drama?” It wa […]

“Not as much action at Japan high schools as the Adult Video industry would have you believe.”

  With the school year drawing to a close this mon […]