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Two white people sit next to each other on the Tokyo Subway

Awkwardness reached new heights last week when two white strangers ended up sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the Mita Line. Perhaps unsurprisingly, neither party would claim to have been the instigator of the incident. “I was simply sitting in the carriage like a normal commuter, zombie- faced and reading the hockey news,” explained 39 year old Canadian, [...]

Kookaburra Smuggler has “some regrets”

A young Australian traveler is recovering today after a kookaburra smuggling operation went horribly wrong at the Narita Airport arrival gate on the weekend. 27 year old Paul Bradley, from Collaroy on Sydney`s Northern Beaches, suffered eye-wateringly painful wounds after a kookaburra, which had been drugged and stuffed down his boxer shorts, woke up two [...]

Student notches up 100 cranks over the same actress – in just 1 month

February.  It`s a month usually lasting only 28 days.  It`s traditionally a time when people allow their bodies to recover from Christmas and New Year excesses; “After all that boozing, I thought I`d give up alcohol just for February”, we say to each other. But`s it`s also a month when 22 year old Ushikome University [...]

Koizumi and Bush No Longer Best Buddies

Over the years many Westerners have enjoyed friendships and physical relationships with Japanese people, only to see themselves either stood up, distanced, or simply coldly forgotten at some point. The experience can sometimes leave the person with a sense of puzzlement or even disenchantment with Japan. Among the many faceless alienated Westerners, however, is a [...]