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100th onigiri wrapper successfully shoved into Kanagawa hedge

“We Japanese love nature, and we also love nature when […]

The Cruelty of an Englishman

Kayo Hashimoto was just 24 years old when she fell in l […]

Fine Dining Sushi. It’s overrated.

Cheeses Christ! French ex-pat goes for half price but cops full sentence

A young Frenchman has brought shame on himself, his fam […]

Kibo module voted Most Popular Section of ISS

Japan’s space agency JAXA has announced that the organi […]

Portugal and Japan in talks concerning “ownership” of popular deep-fried dish

The kebab.  It’s the pride of Turkey, and it’s the […]

Japanese man annoyed from being complimented on knife and fork ability

Kocho Umin stands on a bridge across the Seine River an […]

Japan Flips! “We Japanese now like eating lamb.”

It’s in the supermarkets.  It’s in the izakaya.  It’s i […]

“Don’t call it bread!” Culinary expert lashes out at Japanese sweet bread

“There is a lot to unpack here,” sighs Pierre Petain, h […]

Yakiniku. It’s hot.