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Australian Swims At Shonan Beach

“I wasn’t sure exactly why I did that,” exclaims Katrin […]

New Yorker finds a hill to die on: The Japanese version of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

“Everyone has their limits.  Everyone has a line, […]

Desperate film studio’s Seven Samurai adaption sees uniform outrage

Following the Kurosawa family’s failed legal challenge […]

Japan. For western guys who never experienced this at school…

Kyoto people returning to the good old days of simply having contempt for the rest of Japan

The maiko are back walking on the street unimpeded, the […]

Westerners in Japan finally get a Voice

With a face best suited to radio, Kingsley Hepburn know […]

More Japanese Than Japanese

27 year old Englishman Warwick Greenwood was paid the u […]

Trump “turned Japanese” for top level meetings in Tokyo

  Keeping with his new policy of just trying to fi […]

Fat celebs around the world in fright as lardo TV star loses sight

    Grossly overweight, over-smiling celebrit […]

Canada Festival creates ripples in Tokyo

  “Look around you. This is a world class event,” […]