Japan Rugby Union shocked to now be in charge of popular sport

Rugby Union - South Africa v Japan - IRB Rugby World Cup 2015: Japan celebrate another victory.

IRB Rugby World Cup 2015: Smiles all round as Japan celebrate another victory.

Following unexpected victories in the World Cup, the Japan Rugby Union has found itself in a place totally unknown to itself; in charge of a successful team which is receiving widespread support.

High ranking blazer wearer, Hitei Bakari, showed that he was struggling to come to terms with the new situation, “We have done our utmost to convince everyone that there is no game of greater importance in Japanese rugby than the game between Waseda and Keio universities.

“Everything possible has been done to undermine the national team.  Minimal promotion of the representative players, the test matches, and the team`s gradual progress over the past four years (has been our policy).  Even though we`ll be hosting the tournament in 2019, we were still focusing on catering to small crowds.”

But just when the assemble press pack were expecting the 72-year-old Bakari to fully admit poor foresight, he unleashed a verbal broadside on the Head Coach, Eddie Jones.  “He talks about the Japan way!?  What does he know (about the Japan way)!?  This Eddie Jones character has turned up and paid little respect to our established practices.  He now has all the players working together as a team, using their training time efficiently, and drinking water when they’re dehydrated.”

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