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Confessionanism!? Nagoya Teachers’ Conspiracy exposed

It has come to light that half a dozen bored English te […]

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Last month’s article (“Fully Qualified western teacher […]

Fully Qualified western teacher incredulous over growing demand for Filipina Zoom Teachers

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Japan Flips! “We Japanese now like eating lamb.”

It’s in the supermarkets.  It’s in the izakaya.  It’s i […]

“Don’t call it bread!” Culinary expert lashes out at Japanese sweet bread

“There is a lot to unpack here,” sighs Pierre Petain, h […]

Les aventures des chattes à Tokyo

“I had always been a bit curious back in France, but I […]

Time-machine for a Soul Man

  “Y’know… I never asked for this. I’m not into hi […]

Old men of East Asia in talks to end all talks

  Sick to the back teeth with the carry on between […]

Yoyogi Park attack will come: Expert

    Australian survivalist Geoff Sullivan sni […]

Japan Rugby Union shocked to now be in charge of popular sport

    Following unexpected victories in the Wor […]