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Japanese Government to introduce a foreign policy

    The Japanese Government today announced p […]

No whistleblowers at Schoolgirl Cafe

  The so-called schoolgirl café area in Ikebukuro […]

Cor Blimey! English Culture Festival attracts thousands to Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park became the park of hope and glory on the we […]

Frenchman quite ok with people assuming that he’s American

Few Frenchmen would ever dream of representing the USA […]

Two white people sit next to each other on the Tokyo Subway

Awkwardness reached new heights last week when two whit […]

Book Review: “Sailing a Battleship Up a Creek” – New Edition

If you’re one of those who think of Bob Sapp merely as […]

5 things that you will probably never hear a Japanese person say

  * The way we do this in Japan is just like it’s done […]

Legendary Russian Seduction Guru swings by Japan

Talk to any person in the sex education industry and th […]

Rick Perry: I prayed for the Japanese economy too

It was back in the summer of 2011 when Christians were […]

Exclusive: A Dolphin talks Taiji

  We came across Shixi when we were trying to moni […]