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Tech-Wiz Hirogari Seibyo is back to answer readers’ questions

A little over twelve months ago we introduced computer […]

Sean Connery’s Japanese ability apparently now at zero

Sean Connery’s family have revealed that the ageing act […]

2020 Olympic power set to come from Deep Down Within

  The ubiquitous, filthy, disgusting, and vile sou […]

Embracing Western Influence

  There has never been a better time to live in To […]

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Plastic bag blows across volleyball park

  A discarded plastic department store shopping ba […]

South African Expat starts 1 month “Japanese-only” diet

    “So far, so good,” smiled Courtney Symcox […]

Cleavage. It’s entrancing.

No whistleblowers at Schoolgirl Cafe

  The so-called schoolgirl café area in Ikebukuro […]

Tokyo 2020 – Don’t expect me to cooperate

I was here in Tokyo during the 2002 Football World Cup. […]

Rick Perry: I prayed for the Japanese economy too

It was back in the summer of 2011 when Christians were […]