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So you really want to seduce a Japanese man…

Whether it be sex with Japanese women in hot tubs, sex […]

Westerner’s total immersion into Japanese society achieved following development of mask fetish

  “She said she was shy. She didn’t want me to see […]

Ian Ziering met with incredibly underwhelming reception at Narita Airport

  The days when half of Spain would turn up at an […]

“The only female who understands me just happens to be a Kanagawa schoolgirl.”

Part 1 in our find-your-love-in-Japan series, designed […]

Alcohol – It gives you a chance

Guy getting really excited about the traditional WW2 shouting season

  Tony Bartholomew gently squeezes each digit of h […]

Fake Priest has porn DVD in his backpack at all times

    Chris French is just a regular looking lo […]

Mosaic shortage sends panic pulsating through AV industry

  A spate of typhoons in western Japan has caused […]

New US drama to feature Japan loving geek who reads manga

  The word is out that American TV executives have […]

Kiwis turn Yoyogi into Park of the Long White Cloud

    Tokyo`s Yoyogi Park in June.  It`s overca […]