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Eyebrows raised as “Mr Grammar” quits English Conversation School

Joel Di Venuto is, in his own words, the last of the gr […]

Gaijin-Friendly Onsen Staff to compliment tattooed guests

Employees at hot spring inns across the Kanto area are […]

No podgy, bald, white men please. We’re Japanese.

Mosaic-busting Tech-Wiz Hirogari Seibyo answers your questions

Our November article (“Tech-Wiz quietly achieves anti-m […]

Westerners in Japan finally get a Voice

With a face best suited to radio, Kingsley Hepburn know […]

Attractive white guy spotted at The Hub in Shibuya

Saturday night at a pretty ordinary drinking establishm […]

Demanding, Entitled Women spell the end for Goofy Guys

It’s just gone 9:00am at Urayasu Station in Chiba, just […]

Westerner’s total immersion into Japanese society achieved following development of mask fetish

“She said she was shy. She didn’t want me to see her fa […]

Brit Chick owns friends with green tea

A festive season get-together in Edinburgh, Scotland, h […]

Trump “turned Japanese” for top level meetings in Tokyo

Keeping with his new policy of just trying to fit in, a […]