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Bigoted father refuses to accept would-be son-in-law

“What kind of name is that?” asked Robert di Nero’s cha […]

J-Porn Outrage – Lubrication Not a Factor as Standards Slip

  Japanese Adult-Video newcomer Ryoko Shimizu has […]

Two Women Meet Unexpectedly At Subway Station

There was disbelief and excitement in spades at Meguro […]

Pasty White Passenger Yellow Cabs

  Prior to coming to Japan,  Californian Bryan Wes […]

Sanma To Be Assaulted On Live TV

  He’s loved by many, but loathed by more. And the […]

Restaurant Review – Sal’s

Lovers of Italian food would probably agree that Italia […]

No Panties of Dark Hue Please – We’re Japanese

A campaign of a different kind was launched last month […]

It’s All Jolly Good at Shane – But Don’t Mention Che

Who do the teachers at Shane English Conversation Schoo […]

Koizumi and Bush No Longer Best Buddies

Over the years many Westerners have enjoyed friendships […]

It’s now official: Curry IS hot!

Most people around the world grow up learning the basic […]