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Embracing Western Influence

There has never been a better time to live in Tokyo. Th […]

Career Opportunities in Nursing are ones that always knock

More than anything, Japan needs nurses; home grown nurs […]

Old men of East Asia in talks to end all talks

Sick to the back teeth with the carry on between their […]

Game Review: Tokyo Pedestrian

If you’ve had a gutful of fantasy games and you’ve lost […]

“The only female who understands me just happens to be a Kanagawa schoolgirl.”

Part 1 in our find-your-love-in-Japan series, designed […]

Two characters almost kiss on J-TV drama

Fans of the Japanese TV drama, “Hot Chick 4 Dorky Guy”, […]

Guy getting really excited about the traditional WW2 shouting season

Tony Bartholomew gently squeezes each digit of his fing […]

South African Expat starts 1 month “Japanese-only” diet

“So far, so good,” smiled Courtney Symcox when asked ho […]

Cleavage. It’s entrancing.

Property News: Torigome building welcomes tenants back

A “one of a kind” Torigome tower will be full of tenant […]