Attractive white guy spotted at The Hub in Shibuya

Many ladies were happy to overlook the fact that the hot guy was drinking bottled beer at a bar.

Saturday night at a pretty ordinary drinking establishment in Shibuya saw dozens of jaws dropping as an almost mythical hot white guy was spotted quaffing lager at one of the frisbee-on-legs that they have there.

“Y’know, he’s so good looking that he could actually pick up a girl in his hometown,” gushed 24 year old Jill Stanley.  

As he wavered between ordering fish & chips and chicken & chips (He chose fish!), 28 year old sex god Josh Devenish-Meares explained what a guy like him was doing at the chain pub. “I’m taking a break from my regular tofu bar and Kagoshima chicken izakaya. An English teacher acquaintance of mine suggested that I come here for a change. It’s a friendly place.”

The regular guys usually take full advantage of the dim lighting when they strut and swagger around the place.

“Just tell me he’s not gay… or an English teacher… or a translator… or a code monkey for that matter,” begged 26 year old Simone Canmore.

“I have nothing but respect for all of the language teachers in this city,” continued the considerate and charming American. “They’re real troopers, working until nine o’clock every night. That takes a certain amount of dynamism. I’m usually home by six watching Netflix, so they have my admiration.”

“I’m one of those bitter white women who’s been here too long, and I’ve seen enough to have developed a certain level of contempt for all western men, but even now as I talk to you I can feel my panties moistening,” panted 29 year old Laurier Edmonton.

Posh beer wankers, or is the tap beer really that bad?

“Life in Tokyo is a real eye-opener for me,” enthused the sparkling dreamboat as his nipples pressed gently against his shirt. “Back in my hometown I spent weekends cycling, swimming, and taking part in community reforestation projects.  I take it easier in winter though, just hosting dinner parties and cooking cannelloni, lomo saltado, or something with my tagine.”

“I guarantee that my knickers will be around my ankles for this guy, just as soon as I can confirm that he’s not a German banker,” asserted 34 year old Melanie Strathcona.

Devenish-Meares was last seen with a sexy young local lady, who was gently leading the conversation toward the likelihood of him buying an apartment in either New York City or Los Angeles in the near future.

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