Chiba woman concerned by husband’s lack of sympathy

“I always pictured the two of us sitting down to watch dramas on terrestrial tv once or twice a week, consuming the advertised products, before making love on the the odd occasion.  I saw him as a man of compassion, honour, and money.  But, I can see his true side coming to the fore, and I’m not entirely comfortable with what I’m seeing.”

Marika Shirinaka is referring to her husband Junta’s disinterest in the so-called human dramas of which she is an avid fan.  The latest hit drama, “God… Give Me Strength”, is a 13 episode series featuring a young woman with the world at her feet who then discovers that she has brain cancer.  That’s the first and second episode.  Then, for the rest of the series, she slowly dies.  

“He told me that he didn’t want to waste his time watching a depressing series full of tired old cliché.  Can you believe that!?” asked the 27 year old engineering assistant.  “This is such an emotionally enriching drama featuring some of Japan’s most talented actors.  You can see that in the way that they cry real tears and shout irrationally.  That’s really good acting when someone does that.  And yet, he can’t appreciate any of this.  He said he’d rather watch “F is for Family”, “Archer”, or paint dry.”

Disappointed by the her hard-working investment officer husband’s lack of caring, Marika has spent time contemplating how she can improve the current situation.  “I think there’s an emotional gulf opening up between us, so the only option I have to is to have an affair with someone who enjoys these kinds of programs.  I wouldn’t do anything brazen like jump into bed with just anyone though. 

“First, the handsome guy would have to treat me to a fancy dinner and then take me to a nice hotel, just like they do in the romantic dramas that I enjoy.  During dinner we’d talk about the drama and guess where the story was heading.  If he were to roll his eyes and say, “Well, obviously the main character is going to die,” that would be the end of it though.  I’d silently finish the dinner and then leave the posh restaurant alone.  I get enough sarcasm and black humour at home, thank you very much.”

Licking her lips at the thought of an exciting affair, Marika seems determined to dip her toes into the extra-marital pool and appears to have no second thoughts.  “If he (the man to with whom she recently vowed to spend her life while forsaking all others) can’t bring himself to care about a fictional character in a situation that we’ve all seen on tv a hundred times before, then how can I expect him to care for our very own child, or a cat, or two cats.”

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