More Japanese Than Japanese

Good timing: These commuters managed to avoid peak hour in Tokyo.

27 year old Englishman Warwick Greenwood was paid the ultimate compliment after allowing passengers to alight prior to boarding a train yesterday.  “Wow! He’s more Japanese than Japanese,” exclaimed 72 year old Chikubi Minamimuki, who was perhaps expecting Greenwood to barge his way onto the train mouthing obscenities, before forcing a pregnant woman out of her seat.

A train just like the one that where Greenwood displayed his Wabisabi soul.

Assuming that Greenwood was visiting Japan as a tourist, Minamimuki added that it would only be right that someone so in tune with the culture sampled the delights of Japan during his visit, suggesting that he start with tempura, ramen, and omurice.  The recommendations came with a caveat, however. “The Japanese have such a delicate sense of taste, among the world’s highest level.  So, he may not be able to fully appreciate this unique cuisine.” 

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