Drinking Game For Two

Here at The Japan Wanko news site, after a long day chasing stories, interviewing experts and researching historical records, we like to kick back and watch the local TV dramas.  Not all drama can hold our interest though, and that`s where our little drinking game comes in handy.  This being Japan, I recommend playing with a couple of ochako and a big bottle of sake.  Just choose who’ll be Player 1 and Player 2 and follow the points below so you`ll know how much you should drink.

Player 1

One cup

 A girl wearing a school uniform appears

 Someone lights a cigarette, but isn’t shown taking a drag

 Someone cries, with tears running down the middle of each cheek

Two cups

 Three characters (or more) walk shoulder to shoulder through Tokyo

 A male character kisses a female character who stands stone cold with her eyes wide open and her arms by her side

 A character is involved in an accident on the way to an important meeting

Three cups

 Two characters kiss, but in a way that makes the kiss you give your mum look like a full-on snog

 A character chases a bus in order to talk to someone, who has just turned their phone off

 The plot takes a ludicrous turn, and you shout “F*** O~~~ff!!” at the TV

Player 2

One cup

 A woman wearing a nurses uniform appears

 Someone cradles an alcoholic drink, but isn’t shown drinking it

 Someone talks with their mouth full

Two cups

 Two characters walk along a busy street in Tokyo having a conversation without the need to shout

 Two characters are about to kiss, but are suddenly interrupted

 The female character turns her back on the male character, before telling him something important

Three cups

 Two characters declare their love for each other, but then, rather than kiss, simply hug lightly

 A character chases a bus in order to talk to someone, because their cell phone battery just died

 The plot gets boring, and you start searching for bikini pics of the actresses online

Important note:  If any character has a terminal illness, Congratulations- you are in J-dorama heaven!!  So you’ve both got to go ahead and down three cups together.

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