Outcry grows over gay porn chest hair


It`s always tease, tease, tease for some models who are reluctant to get it all off.

It’s always tease, tease, tease.  But a glimpse is all we need to see that this guy is free of chest hair.

The appearance of a Japanese gay porn star sporting chest hair has led to discussion threads heating up, and a movie company’s site crashing, unable to cope with the heavy traffic.  As yet the Boys4Men film company hasn’t responded to the flood of criticism which overwhelmed them last week, but pressure from fans around the world is likely to force the company to release a statement in relation to its controversial movie.

Traditionally, J-gay porn stars have always appeared toned and shaven, their smooth olive-toned pectorals and brown nipples tantalizingly visible.  That wasn’t the case, however, in the recently released, “College Boy must earn his Brown Wings”.  The controversy starts at the 6:30 mark of the movie (if that’s what I may call it), when hugely popular actor Mashiro Ketsu takes off his Hermes business shirt to proudly reveal a sparse covering of chest hair to his younger colleague.  The homosexual side of the internet has been in a lather ever since.

No hair. No fat. No obvious blemishes or strange pigmentation. This is what the punters want to see.

No chest hair.  No fat.  No obvious blemishes or strange pigmentation.  This is the only thing that the punters want to see… for starters.

A gay porn appreciation group, known as the “Gay Porn Appreciation Group”, have released a statement saying, “Do we want hair on our Far-East porn stars’ chests?   Never.  Never.  Never!”

“If this becomes the norm, we’ll end up in a dark tunnel with no path out.  Dreamy, kissable pecs will become unknown to our community,” observed the prolific poster, up4zenbu.

Bob Foch, leader of the American Homosexuals For Jesus Movement, also found time to get his view across, “If anyone had told me a few years ago that I’d be viewing hairy chested J-gay porn, I would have been unbelieving.”

Another Christian gay site, Hot Cross Buns, posted, “We must save sodomy in that part of the world from chest hair.”

What right does this female have to rake her fingernails over his chest.

Just what right does this female think she has to rake her fingernails over his chest!?

“Save us from this chest hair madness,” screamed the gay porn review website, Backdoor and Beyond.

And Canada’s celebrity horticulturalist, Arthur Peos, chimed in to say,“I am not going to sit down and view hairy men from the Orient.  It’s grossly unattractive and it’s horrifying to many people.”

But for some, the chest hair is no concern, as one poster wrote, “Ketsu was probably ordered by the producers not to wax his front.  I doubt it was his decision.  Anyway, I’m more interested in the area south of the chest.  You see, I love nothing more than snorting cocaine out of my Taiwanese boyfriend’s bumcrack.  And he keeps that bumcrack super smooth… on my orders!”

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