The Mistakes Foreigners Make When Getting Acquainted with Japanese Women

Elegant, alluring, and perhaps within reach if you play your cards right.

“Don’t be alarmed if your new Japanese lover has long, natural pubic hair,” explains youth sex expert Myaku Arai.  For in Japan it is considered bad luck to trim hair below your waist (bikini line waxing, plucking and shaving is an exception).  “While many westernized young people have done so since the early 1990’s, these locals may have lived abroad where they were likely ravished by their Asiaphile host father.  A man who probably convinced his fat, white wife that a young female exchange student would promote world peace.  Typically young Japanese home-stayers are fouled by dozens of assorted low life, ethnic scumbags without having to damage their reputations at home.

Arai, a 38 year old bisexual who is very much aware that she is at the peak of her sensuality, emphasizes that vulnerable white men are at risk of succumbing to oriental temptation during spiritual awakening adventures in Japan.  “These Japanese (who have been romantically adventurous overseas) should be avoided sexually as they have most likely been with many dirty foreigners before you and are therefore more likely to be carriers of the AIDS among other horrid things.  Just remember – the better the English ability, the more cautious you should be.

Many western men believe that Japanese women dress more stylishly than their western counterparts.

“It’s rare that a Japanese woman with a trimmed or shaved pubic region is pure.  90% of English speaking Japanese young men on the other hand rarely get laid during their homestays abroad. If they do get laid one or two times they are lucky- they usually opt for Japanese girlfriends with low self-esteem when outside Japan.  Most Japanese males pubic hair is so plush that you can’t even see their genitals at all.  If they are shaved or trimmed, there is a 99% chance they also have homosexual tendencies.”

STD’s come high on Arai’s list of warnings, but she is also keen to remind westerners that they are always being watched in Japan.  “Japanese men generally have a complex about penile size when compared to non-Asian men.  While they always boast that they are harder, they are actually quite smaller.  Japanese men will always try to sneak a peak at foreign men’s wieners at urinals.  If you are pee shy, black or very big, I would advise to only use a stall.  In my lovers’ experiences, even if there are 20 empty spots, a local will park right next to them and try to get a peek and sometimes even start some friendly banter about their beautiful cocks.”

Petite Japanese women can be a breath of fresh air for men arriving from places like Germany and the USA in particular.

The giant bush is an easy method to conceal what is probably lacking.  A nub may be visible if you are lucky.  This also is a cultural matter as a race where public nudity is frequent and expected, the bits should be hidden as much as possible, as nature intended. You on the other hand, should be well groomed.  Japanese women expect foreigners to be partially or completely shaved.  If you are not, you will be thought of as a barbarian.

Arai goes on to address the fallacy that normal Japanese women care about technology.  “They don’t,” she laughs.  “Stop babbling about your wonderful phone with all the trimmings. She doesn’t want to hear it and is only acting interested.  You might as well be speaking Klingon to her, you stupid piece of shit.  And, nobody in Japan knows how to handle the latest technology anyway.

Westerners residing in Japan will quickly realize that there is an abundance of single Japanese men.

“The only broads who care about that type of stuff are total losers you don’t want to be seen with anyway,” stresses Arai.  “Go shove your top-of-the-range limited edition stuff up your pimply ass and save that talk for your dorky, Akihabara loving buddies.  I know for a fact that there ain’t an app out yet that’s gonna get her off sexually.  Japanese women don’t care in the least, so talk about some other nonsense; How much you like Disney characters, how much you want to go shopping in Hawaii with her, or how cute her ugly, French bag is.”

The key, continues Arai, is to lay off the pretension.  She says that Japanese women are not as gullible as they once may have been.  “It’s true that at one time all a westerner had to do was take some black and white photos or mention that he had made a film in college or knew Quentin Tarantino.  Local women would believe they were making love to a future star.  That just doesn’t work these days, even if you actually are on a Trey Parker style animation odyssey.  That goes for all the vloggers who jump online without an ounce of quality content.  The local women aren’t falling for that empty nonsense now.  You’ve gotta up your game.”

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