Lazy lesbians’ lackluster licking leads to lamented loss of lasciviousness

Former star Ai Uehara enjoying her retirement. Could a mercy performance be on the cards?

JAV legend Asoko Nureta has ripped into modern actresses for their poor tongue skills throughout the last two or three years following dismal showings in movies nominated for the 2019 JAV Awards.

Speaking at an informal luncheon at a Nakano Italian restaurant, Nureta described the young actress’ cunnilingus skills as “atrocious” and pointed them out as the reason why they have underachieved compared to the overseas stars.

“The reason Japanese actresses are not where they should be is because their oral performance is atrocious and lacking in all aspects,” said the star of seminal movies such as “A Finger in the Pillow Princess” and “A Dildo Between Friends”.

“This is in normal circumstances disgraceful mattresswork.  If you want to know why the actresses are where they are and frightened of ending up forcefully retired and living in one room apartments in Ibaragi, it’s because of this.”

Many punters have been left yearning for the days when Maki Hamada knew just what was demanded by her adoring fans.

Dressed in a tight but stylish cashmere dress and knee-high boots, Nureta laid out her views on the current crop of performers.  “Viewers want to see young women slurping away greedily, just as a Jamaican would when he’s tasting the sweetest pussy he’s ever encountered.  But, they are not getting that reaction. 

“Many actresses seem to believe that the uniforms they’re wearing are enough to get the punters interested.  They have to understand that it takes more than that to make something of quality that the consumer will want to see again and again.” 

Following a bright start to the decade, lesbian actress’ form has tapered, particularly in the school uniform genre, where they haven’t produced a big seller since 2016.

Nureta suggested that the actress’ struggles may be due to a mental block on the part of some of them not being broad-minded enough to get fully into the lesbian spirit demanded by the scenarios.

It looks fun, but the some say that standards are slipping in the much-hyped uniform and costume genre.

“The orgasms that I see today just don’t have a velocity reaching anywhere near explosive.  While I’ll admit that there are outliers where we can see a bit of spray and a bit of shuddering, the climaxing has generally become underwhelming and it’s due to the poor tongue action.”

Recently the lack of dynamism has been discussed on SNS by consumers, but’s it’s not until now that someone from inside the industry, with such standing, has come out to address the downward trend in girl-on-girl action scenes.

“It’s fun and light-hearted to French kiss another chick while giving their boobs a working over, but it’s when things get horizontal, that’s when things need to get hot.  But it’s just not happening at the moment.  I know some women who don’t want to have anything to do with an uncircumcised penis. They say that there can be too much baggy hood which is tricky to negotiate.

“These types of women also tend to squirm at the sight of big vaginal flaps. You don’t always get a silky smooth opening, so it’s up to the performer to get comfortably with an abalone-like vag before attempting oral sex in front of the cameras. It’s not a good look for the girls (who are hesitant), and it’s not a good look for the industry as a whole.  Some of the actresses need to ask themselves if they’re into girls just as much as the viewers at home.”

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