JAV Actresses don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves – They just get better!

Nureta steps out for a day of appointments

Almost two years have passed since former JAV star Asoko Nureta’s outburst which left the Japanese lesbian and bisexual stars reeling.  Well-covered in this journal and other fine publications, her broadly-targeted criticism forced the JAV industry to take a good, hard look at itself for the first time in years, and the results of this forced self-reflection have been amazing.

2021 has seen some incredibly popular releases which saw studios making bank for the first time in ages.  And while the lesbian genre still has a way to go before it can topple the perennial leader Bondage & Discipline genre from its top perch, it’s fair to say that recent releases have got tongues wagging to the point where lips are being licked around the world in anticipation of new woman-on-woman action from Japan.  

♪Only a woman…♫

Heading the movement of dynamic AV actresses is 26 year old Kyuri Nakaha, who is enjoying a good run of hits including “Sisters-in-law-in-love”, “Scissor Me Softly”, and “Double-Headed Deathrattle”.  She cut a bold figure as she sat down in her traditional gown to talk about the new boom in Made in Japan output.   

“We were never bad, or underperforming in the way that was reported,” said Nakaha.  “The improvement is there.  That’s clear for all to see.  As I see it, however, the biggest improvement has been in Nureta’s attitude toward the younger AV actresses who didn’t deserve the barrage of criticism that came their way last year.  It was totally unfair, and it had more to do with Nureta’s failings in her attempt at cracking the big time in America five years ago.

Two hearts beat as one, the way nature intended.

“I wish one of you journalists would report on what happened to her.  I was so disappointed when I read your article full of her criticism of the younger actresses.  It’s up to you to do some research and present the facts to your readers.  They need to know the context in which the comments are made, but in this case you failed to do your homework.  It’s frustrating because we all knew the full picture behind the spray that she gave us.  I mean, it’s not your fault per se, but it’s a problem that journalism as a profession is facing.

“She tried to get into the mainstream in San Fernando Valley, but she couldn’t handle the vigorous butch types who were called in to ravish her when she was making “The rewards of a long haul flight to LA”.  It was like a regular for the Orix Buffaloes trying to make it in the Major League.  The endeavour was there but she was clearly out of her depth.  Her pride was wounded and the bitterness was there for all to see.  She got thrown around a bit and it’s taken her a while to come to terms with what happened.”

The bars can confine the women, but they can’t confine women’s passions and perversions.

The ill-fated career move has had a happy ending for Nureta.  With a newly found talent for English, she now manages her own business which attends to the special needs of high-end solo travellers to Japan.  This market includes people so cashed-up as to make travelling possible despite the recent upheavals to the travel industry.  One keen observer remarked that she has “craftily cornered an area of a very specific market.” 

Taking time out from her demanding schedule, Nureta was keen to set the record straight.  “I never ever wanted anybody to get fired or businesses to collapse.  I just wanted people to have pride in the industry again,” she said while reapplying her lipstick.  “Context is important, Guy.  You’ve got the credentials, the experience, and the reputation, so that means that people have expectations when they read you.  It’s your job to live up to those expectations.  You raised the bar, and now you have the responsibility not to drop it.  

Light refreshments are not always enough to satiate some.

“When I said those things, many people’s financial situations were dire.  Today we’ve got a lot of regular, emotionally stable, American and European guys paying money on sites to watch good quality Japanese product.  Two years ago it was just the gross western guys with weird Asian fetishes who were paying for our stuff, so I think we can walk with our heads held high now.  Some of our actresses can even tell their families what they really do without the fear of being turfed out of the house or cut out altogether.”

Happy actresses and happy families are the positive results of high quality (albeit occasionally disturbing) performances being captured for millions to see around the world, and that can only be good news for all involved in the industry in Japan.

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