“I’m so excited by JAV” – White Woman breaks down the walls, but only partly

Two women meet to decide wholl get first crack at the Euro-babe.

Part II of Guy Jincarde’s look into the porn industry in Japan.

“It began with a perverted boyfriend and a stack of DVDs,” Labiana Moisenic, 31, replied when asked how she became interested in pornography of a lesbian nature.  “He was hopelessly addicted to pleasuring himself, even when I was in bed with him.  Luckily, I saw an opportunity, dumped him, and entered a world of pleasure that I had never imagined possible.”  Four years later, Hungarian-born Moisenic finds herself a fixture on the lezporn scene, where she often performs in the role of either a language teacher, a visiting tourist, a hotel employee, or even a visiting researcher at university.  

Yukata. Obi. Action!

Moisenic explained that, while things are indeed looking rosy, more needed to be done to build awareness of Japanese lesbian pornography.  “There’s a little too much of people looking and saying, ‘Aww… Japanese lesbians are so cute.’  We need to convince more people that these actresses deserve just as much respect as their North American and Latin American sisters.  You’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned German lesbians.  Well, there’s a good reason for that.”

An uneasy air of formality about to come to a sudden end.

Reluctant to comment further on German lesbians, Moisenic preferred to touch on the frustration of being undermined during her work in the genre in Japan.  “I don’t think my name appears in enough lesbian porn related articles here in Japan.  It’s always the same old story for gaijin; you do the work but your efforts either go ignored or a local claims the credit, sometimes both things occur. Vietnamese strawberry pickers got a movie which shone a light on their plight. Well, where’s my documentary? Don’t I matter?

White gentlemen react to seeing two Japanese women scissoring for the first time.

“Guy, you’ve been a tremendous supporter,” said Moisenic (addressing yours truly).  “Few have done more for lesbian porn in Japan and we’re really grateful for your continual support.  However, you still need to present all sides when you write your articles.  There are genuine discrimination issues in the porn industry, but nobody wants to seriously pursue them.  I find myself sidelined quite often when challenging roles come up.  I’m given excuses as to why I’m not considered for the roles, but it’s clear that there are roles that are set aside for Japanese and gaijin needn’t apply.”

Stylish and broadminded.

Best-selling JAV actress Kiki Sokoneta concurred with Moisenic, but only to a point.  “Stuff such as B&D and chikan drama is closed to foreigners.  It’s strictly Japanese only, for reasons that have never been fully explained to me.  What confuses the hell out of me, however, is why someone like Moisenic would want to do that kind of work.  Try being 27 years old and wearing a school uniform and being groped and squeezed.  I’ve been tied up with ropes and had jelly shot up my butt, but that was when I was desperate to pay the rent.  I’d never enthusiastically do that.  It’s bottom-of-the-barrel pay for bottom-of-the-barrel work.”

Who knows where this simple photoshoot will lead.

Fortunately for Sokoneta, her success with getting down and dirty with other women on screen has enabled her to steer clear of the more deranged forms of pornography in recent years.  Her next movie will finally see her getting the long yearned for face off with Moisenic who’ll be in her usual role as an English language tutor.  “She’s going to be teaching me grammar,” she gushes, before cheerfully adding, “But only for a few minutes.”

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