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Q&A with ALT of the year Kilbey Wilson-Piper

Our September article (“The best ALT in Japan – T […]

The best ALT in Japan – Take a bow

It’s hardly a secret.  For years now Kilbey Wilson […]

Pride trumps all when it comes to language teaching

“I signed up because I wanted these children to grow in […]

Old guy going on about how great J-toilets are hasn’t taken a dump in one this century

“I’m so excited by JAV” – White Woman breaks down the walls, but only partly

Part II of Guy Jincarde’s look into the porn industry i […]

JAV Actresses don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves – They just get better!

Almost two years have passed since former JAV star Asok […]

Foreigner Expectation Zones to be designated to avoid bewilderment among locals

We’ve all seen it before; a Japanese person responding […]

Cop on the outer after raunchy underwear display

A veteran Kanagawa policeman has been stood down from r […]

Lazy lesbians’ lackluster licking leads to lamented loss of lasciviousness

JAV legend Asoko Nureta has ripped into modern actresse […]

Attractive white guy spotted at The Hub in Shibuya

Saturday night at a pretty ordinary drinking establishm […]