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Long-term jaded Tokyo resident still comfortable drinking in Golden Gai

“How long did you say you’ve lived here?  17 years […]

Departing language teacher declares – “It’s up to the locals now”

The end of the Japanese school year usually brings chan […]

Pick-Up Artist Jake Hamilton answers your questions

Our early June article (“White women in Japan ‘just nee […]

White women in Japan “just need to lower their standards”

“She turned me down without comprehending the situation […]

The Cruelty of an Englishman

Kayo Hashimoto was just 24 years old when she fell in l […]

Staff at notorious Roppongi bar show that they care too

After putting up with years of criticism and spiteful r […]

Kibo module voted Most Popular Section of ISS

Japan’s space agency JAXA has announced that the organi […]

Japan Govt looking to open borders, but limit numbers of J-vloggers

While plans for opening borders are now moving swiftly […]

The Mistakes Foreigners Make When Getting Acquainted with Japanese Women

“Don’t be alarmed if your new Japanese lover has […]

No podgy, bald, white men please. We’re Japanese.