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Yakuza〜〜nnen! Brave new made-in-Japan but made-for-western TV series not to feature gangsters

Much of the buzz around the world amongst people who ha […]

Two characters almost kiss on J-TV drama

Fans of the Japanese TV drama, “Hot Chick 4 Dorky Guy”, […]

Dave Spector’s hair “not expected to see Christmas”

The light-entertainment and parochial-news industries w […]

Student notches up 100 cranks over the same actress – in just 1 month

February.  It’s a month usually lasting only 28 days.  […]

Sanma To Be Assaulted On Live TV

He’s loved by many, but loathed by more. And the pressu […]

It’s now official: Curry IS hot!

Most people around the world grow up learning the basic […]