Sean Connery’s Japanese ability apparently now at zero

Perhaps the worlds great ever Japanese Culture Expert.

Sean Connery’s family have revealed that the ageing actor is struggling with his memory so much that he has well and truly forgotten the handful of Japanese words that he learnt for his lead role in the 1993 movie Rising Sun.

Connery’s connection with Japan goes back a long way to his James Bond days, where he got acquainted with women with seriously good English skills.  He starred in 1968’s You Only Live Twice, although his character wasn’t required to speak Japanese at all, despite claiming to have majored in “oriental languages” at university.

Packing heat in 1974s Zardoz.

A close friend of the family who often visits for tea and crumpets by the pool reported the somber news earlier this week.  “He can certainly still act, but producers shouldn’t expect him to be able to speak Japanese, or do accents for that matter.

“It’s particularly hard on his family who can’t comprehend how a man such as Mr. Connery is having trouble recalling his much loved second language, while still having clear and vivid memories of making Zardoz.”

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