So you really want to seduce a Japanese man…

Japan is overflowing with dreamboats like this.

Whether it be sex with Japanese women in hot tubs, sex with Japanese women in bondage, or sex with Japanese women in role-play scenarios, it’s all been written. Sex with Japanese men?  Well that’s where sex educator Heike Scheidentaucher stepped in.  She’s written a book about it, so naturally she was only too happy to sit down with me to explain the ins and outs of making love to a Japanese man.

“The first thing to remember is to comment positively on the girth of his member. I’ve had my share of Benjamins, Jean-Lucs, and Renaldos, and there’s not that much size difference.  Besides, I’ve almost been split in two by a hotel clerk in the Dutch Antilles.  Let me tell you that I seriously do not need that again,” asserted the 36 year old German author.

Style and vigor come together perfectly here.

“Many Japanese men have an overwhelming fear of being laughed at by a white person, which is weird in itself considering the caliber of westerners that you see in Japan.  Still, your Japanese partner needs to be assured.  Compliment him whenever possible.   Japanese men rarely receive praise in their lives, so tell him that you find his ass sexy as you walnut him up to the proximal interphalangeal joint.” 

Scheidentaucher spoke keenly, almost frantically, of her wish that western women experience a pleasurable sex life in Japan.  “I tell all women to go conservative, rather than suggestive.  Choose The Sting soundtrack or Disney Jazz for background music.  Prepare fish and miso, not oysters.  Wear something innocent, yet still easily accessible.  Avoid wearing knickers of dark hue, otherwise he’ll think you might pass on a rash or something.

Young men in Tokyo are lying around waiting for the right women.

“Offer him something a local woman can’t, such as a good handjob or oral sex that isn’t all teeth. Focus on him and make the adjustments accordingly.  Remember that you’re straddling a man, not a race.  Be assertive while making him feel that he’s in control.  So, you’ll probably end up having passive-aggressive sex, if anything. ”

At this point, Scheidentaucher sighed slightly and rolled her eyes, “Of course, if this all fails, just go to Plan B.  That means putting on a some kind of kinky uniform and telling him that you think you’ve had a bit too much to drink.”

* “Landing a Rising Son” by Heike Scheidentaucher is available at Amazon.

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