Westerners in Japan finally get a Voice

Hepburn knows how to attract attention, without selling out.

With a face best suited to radio, Kingsley Hepburn knows that he’s taking risks getting out in front of the camera, but he’s a guy who’s always been more comfortable pushing the envelope.  “Kenny Loggins’ big hit “Danger Zone” is more or less how I live my life,” says the 45 year old from Connecticut.  “By doing vlogs in Japan, I’ve taken a ride into the danger zone, and I haven’t left it.”

Hepburn likes to shine a light on matters which westerners are confronted with on a day-to-day basis.  “We’re talking about trying to buy Mexican avocadoes which are more green than black at the supermarket.  We focus on how it feels to go to sleep at night knowing that an important football game will be played and won before you wake up.  And it’s about going out to a restaurant that supposedly serves food from your home country, but then finding out that the taste of the food is just a tiny bit different to exactly how you expected it to be.

Everyone wants to be on Hepburns channel.

“We don’t just serve the interests of Americans overseas either.  For example, we focus on Australians who have never even been to America being expected to answer questions about America. The culture there is more or less the same, but it can’t be easy for them.

“You won’t find any clichéd scenery on my channel.  I tend to steer clear of Shibuya, Asakusa, and Odaiba most of the time.  Instead, I prefer to show my viewers mountains, rivers, and old towns that aren’t really worth visiting.”

Despite having low viewer numbers at present, Hepburn guarantees that he won’t change his formula of being on screen at an awkward angle 90% of the time.  And in a bid to attract masturbators looking for fresh inspiration, his hot Japanese girlfriend, who fell for his arthouse cinema director spiel, features in every other episode.

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