Cop on the outer after raunchy underwear display

When one mans sick obsession is laid out in front of the eyes of the world.

A veteran Kanagawa policeman has been stood down from regular duties following a glaring lapse of judgement when laying out stolen underwear for assembled media last month.

According to sources within Yokohama senior management, Sergeant Haisetsu Kakumaki was in charge of the display of the panties and bras in the department’s Kawasaki gymnasium following the arrest of 48 year old serial pervert Shigeki Boppatsu, for being in possession of a rather large collection of stolen goods.  The department quickly came under fire from residents claiming that priority placements had been given to overly raunchy-style underwear. 

Despatch office worker Sena Kawada mentioned that she was disappointed by the display.  “It’s one thing to show the collection of underwear to the public, but it’s another to have such exciting and sexy stuff right there in front of the cameras,” she exclaimed.  Widely shared photos seem to back up theories that certain kinds of underwear were cherry picked for the cameras.

Boppatsus filthy hobby also included bras of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Kawada’s concern has been reflected in the way some social media has responded to the panty line-up.  Comments have largely focused on the crotchless knickers, t-backs, leopard print panties, and hot red lacey lingerie that were placed front and center.  There also appeared to be a celebratory and reverent vibe to the threads which have been brought to mainstream media attention.   

A former high-ranking police officer, who asked not to be named, outlined the reasoning behind the decision to stand Kakumaki down.  “He’s a damn fool,” he explained.  “By putting all the sexy knickers in front of the cameras, he’s turned Boppatsu into some kind of folk hero.  He’s become the pervert’s pervert, the panty specialist if you like.  Just look at the way he’s being lauded by the masses on those filthy sites.  Someone has to take responsibility for this.”

A collection so vast that it almost requires a drone to film effectively.

Boppatsu, himself, talked candidly when I accosted him outside his regular pachinko hall.  “I can’t deny it. I was mighty proud of that collection.  Having said that, however, there were a lot of big girls’ pants amongst that lot.  There were a lot of spinnakers there, as well as some ghastly wooly winter panties.  But, I stood a foot taller when I saw the pics from the police display. 

“All the premium stuff was displayed prominently.  All of my go-to stuff for when I got horny was there for all my friends to see.  We’re talking silky lingerie that chicks wear on a first date.  I’d spent years collecting that, and it wasn’t easy, let me tell you.  I got all scratched up a few times negotiating thick bushes to get to balconies, and I was punched in the head by angry boyfriends twice.”

Boppatsus dedication to his indecent pastime can be seen from this small section.

The shameless Boppatsu continued, “Still, that police display made it all worth it.  I’m the king of my danchi at the moment.  My home room teacher said that I’d never amount to anything.  Well… I hope that clown makes his way to our next reunion.  He’ll be sucking up to me, no doubt.  Oh, yeah… That miserable old man will be buying me Strong Zero’s all night, I imagine.”

Sergeant Kakumaki has so far failed to respond to our requests for an interview, but it is believed that he is fielding invites to curate both the Sapporo Adult Entertainment Museum and the Museum of Edo Erotica, which are due to open in spring next year.

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