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“No foreigners” sign leaves Westerners stunned

Two Canadian English teachers were faced with an existe […]

Guy getting really excited about the traditional WW2 shouting season

Tony Bartholomew gently squeezes each digit of his fing […]

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Plastic bag blows across volleyball park

A discarded plastic department store shopping bag has b […]

Yoyogi Park attack will come: Expert

Australian survivalist Geoff Sullivan sniffs the air be […]

Property News: Torigome building welcomes tenants back

A “one of a kind” Torigome tower will be full of tenant […]

Power in the hands of language school manager – and he’s firmly gripping it!

It’s a long way from Anchorage to Tokyo, and there are […]

Japanese Government to introduce a foreign policy

The Japanese Government today announced plans to form a […]

No whistleblowers at Schoolgirl Cafe

The so-called schoolgirl café area in Ikebukuro has pro […]

Frenchman quite ok with people assuming that he’s American

Few Frenchmen would ever dream of representing the USA […]

Two white people sit next to each other on the Tokyo Subway

Awkwardness reached new heights last week when two whit […]