Les aventures des chattes à Tokyo

Some hot springs promise to deliver nubile enrichment.

“I had always been a bit curious back in France, but I was afraid of meeting a girl in a dark club who looked cute, only to find that she had an abundance of facial hair upon seeing her with the lights on,” explains Stephanie Girot.  “Japan doesn’t really have that problem, so that final layer of anxiety has been removed.”

A stay at a hot spring can help to heal a wounded heart, or perhaps develop exciting new relationships.

For the 28 year old Humanities major, coming to Japan was always going to be more than just teaching French with the odd party under the cherry blossoms.  “Ideally, I’d like to go to a hot spring for my first experience.  I imagine that we’d wash each other’s backs, but that her washing of my back with warm soapy water would become a delicate massage, which would end with her cupping my breasts from behind.  Perhaps I’d even become aware of her pubic hair brushing gently against my lower back. 

Some visitors to Japan find themselves overcome by the vivid femininity on constant display.

“We’d then find a nook or cranny in the outdoor bath where we’d kiss softly, with perhaps a hint of tongue.  After drying each other off tenderly, we’d put our gowns back on and return to our room knickerless.  That’s when I’d pull out the double dildo and we’d start scissoring.  She’d be using these cute little Japanese action words like bakobako or gushogusho, which would turn me on even more.

Two close friends enjoying a spiritually refreshing hot spring.

“I’ve seen truckloads of dirty movies featuring two women in Japanese summer gowns getting it on at fireworks festivals, so I’m totally down with trying out that kind of stuff in a big way.  Just the thought of walking around hand-in-hand with a cutey while we’ve both got those little eggs humming away inside our pussies gets me so hot.  And, it would be so cool if we controlled each others’ eggs with remote controls.  I’d be setting hers to maximum at the exact moment when she was buying shaved ice.

A white woman and an Asian woman beginning to get well acquainted.

“It’d be kind of cool if I got a girlfriend who has a boyfriend.  I saw in a movie once where two women diddled each other while out having dinner with the boyfriend of one of them.  I’d really like to do something like that.  We could sit shoulder to shoulder and use a large menu to cover up that we are touching each other.  That would be so sexy.

Two women who are just happy to be able to spend time together in Japan.

“I’m not too fussed over who I hook up with either, just as long as she has decent sized breasts, and doesn’t each soba, ramen, or natto.  I don’t want to tongue kiss a chick with stinky breath. And, she can’t have a crewcut or any obvious signs of being into women. That’s a deal breaker right there.”

Two lovers kiss passionately on the streets of a European city, perhaps longing for the day when they too will visit a hot spring in Japan, and pair off with a couple of local broads.

Despite the dream of a much masturbated-over fantasy coming true, Girot wants to make it clear that she just plans to dabble in a same-sex relationship.  “I’m not going to start playing field hockey or anything like that.  So, after about six months of exploration, I’ll probably ghost my companion and go back to Lyon to find a guy making six figures and get impregnated.  Don’t get me wrong, I might think of her and pleasure myself from time to time, but that’s as far as it’ll go.”

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