Money: Japanese insecurities to look out for in 2022

Move over casinos, horse racing, pachinko. Betting on news items has arrived.

So, you want to make some money without doing any work at all? New betting markets are opening up all the time these days, and the latest market to have opened is news and current affairs, where punters can now bet on the likelihood of featured topics.  Japan, in particular, is full of anxieties which have a strong impact on the country’s gambling growth potential in 2022. So, do yourself a favour and learn about the key insecurities you should consider before betting in Japan.  

  • Once the envy of the world when names like Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic were first-choice brands, Japan is still keen to reassure itself that it’s still at the forefront of technology.  Therefore, any announcement of a local being nominated for a Nobel Prize is bound to be met with blanket media coverage.

  • While a World Heritage seal of approval receives a ripple of applause in most countries, many Japanese people will get rock hard over a place being officially internationally recognised.  Seasoned gamblers know that this is a reliable winner, especially when history boffins and architecture geeks start jetting in to town.

  • K-pop is all the rage with youngsters around the world, so whether it be a Japanese musician having success in a New York club, or a European ballet company featuring a woman from Osaka, it’ll get a good airing.  The key point is that sophistication beats financial success when nobody on your side is selling millions.  Clever gamblers have even been known to check member lists of philharmonic orchestras for Japanese names.

  • The perennial go-to for keen Japan observers is a foreigner on television talking about how clean and safe it is in Japan.  Viewers breathe a collective sigh of relief when they are reassured that their country is better than every other country in the world.  This one has been known to pop up on a weekly basis, so those after they fast money need to take note.

  • Tourists in Japan annoy everyone.  They disrupt the wa, and they generally cause enormous trouble no matter what they are doing.  Japanese tourists, on the other hand, are always welcome and make valuable contributions to the local economy.  Look out for a New Caledonian business owner saying how much he misses visitors from Japan.    

Please note that while this advice comes from experts, betting is an individual’s responsibility. Please remember to gamble responsibly, and set a limit of the equivalent of three months mortgage repayments for each session.

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