Westerner’s total immersion into Japanese society achieved following development of mask fetish

Alluring and mysterious… all thanks to the flu mask.

“She said she was shy. She didn’t want me to see her face during orgasm, so she took everything off but the mask. It triggered something in me, I guess. I was moving into unchartered territory, and it thrilled me.”

It’s generally agreed that most sexually adventurous men have a fetish side to them. Some go through life paying little regard to their kinky side, whereas others try to explore a little; perhaps by wearing lingerie under their business suit, or by using handcuffs in the bedroom. Western men in Tokyo tend to fall into the latter category, getting their rocks off with cosplay, binding, and randomly shoved oriental sex toys.

That’s it… just keep smiling.

One man who has immersed himself in Fetish Japan is 32 year old programmer Gabriel Earnshaw, who has entered an area largely avoided by his fellow western deviants. “When I first arrived here I loved watching those weird videos where bikini models eat oranges with the juice running down their cleavage, or where they jog along the beach with their jubblies bouncing in slow motion.

“I guess things just developed from there. I’ve been through the uniform phase, then the high boots phase, and then I had an older woman frenzy,” explains the slightly rotund Texan over a martini at the impossibly cool Tickled Plum casual dining & jazz bar in Shinjuku. “Look… I am a man… of many fetishes, and flu masks are just taking their well-deserved place in the spotlight right now.

Magnetic appeal: She’s got the look.

“I like to go out to places which are deep in Kanagawa and Saitama, where it`s rare to see a white guy,” says Earnshaw as he slides a Sicilian olive off the end of a toothpick. “That’s where I break the ice with the mask wearing ladies loitering around the shopping areas. Sometimes I even chat up the women wearing the shapeless ugg boots! I’ll talk to thirty women in one afternoon, and I’ll get one or two who will meet up with me later. The romances are usually fleeting though; women usually react negatively after being asked to keep a mask on during sex.”

Pick-up tool: The mask being used to nanpa.

Well meaning friends have tried to understand and support Earnshaw through what they hope is just a hiccup in his quest to find true love in Japan, but they know that they are facing an uphill battle to get him the help he needs.

Says former wingman and occasional lunch companion Sebastian de la Hunty, “I actually long for the days when he said he watched TV dramas to study Japanese, but was actually just watching to flog off over a schoolgirl or a nurse. That all seems regular now, because this guy hasn’t cracked a boner at anything without a mask for 18 months.”

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