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South African Expat starts 1 month “Japanese-only” diet

“So far, so good,” smiled Courtney Symcox when asked ho […]

Cleavage. It’s entrancing.

No whistleblowers at Schoolgirl Cafe

The so-called schoolgirl café area in Ikebukuro has pro […]

Tokyo 2020 – Don’t expect me to cooperate

I was here in Tokyo during the 2002 Football World Cup. […]

Rick Perry: I prayed for the Japanese economy too

It was back in the summer of 2011 when Christians were […]

The Great Fuji Fill-In Enters Final Stage

The last convoy of garbage trucks rumbled up the slopes […]

J-Porn Outrage – Lubrication Not a Factor as Standards Slip

Japanese Adult-Video newcomer Ryoko Shimizu has managed […]

It’s now official: Curry IS hot!

Most people around the world grow up learning the basic […]

Why I Refuse To Climb Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji, or Fujisan as it’s known to the locals, lies o […]

French Embassy – The Truth

Now that it seems that Kanto residents won’t, after all […]