Career Opportunities in Nursing are ones that always knock

A smile for the camera, but don’t be fooled; a professional nurse is 100% focused knowing that patient information must be meticulously recorded so that any medical professional can comprehend the situation and act accordingly.

More than anything, Japan needs nurses; home grown nurses.  While other G20 countries raid their former colonies and the 3rd world (which are more or less the same things), Japan prefers to develop its own nurses and keep them here, so that those other greedy countries can’t take advantage of the superior skills that are used here.

So why has a career in nursing become unpopular over the last 10, 20, or 30 years?  It’s not as if  nursing has fallen off the radar.  Nursing is a job with a level of high awareness in the public consciousness.  Nurses appear in dramas every single night on terrestrial television, and yet young people would prefer to work in an office filling in forms and excel sheets all day.

So…  Just.  What.  The. Hell.  Is.  Going.  On?

A pink uniform in nursing is the equivalent of a black belt in karate. It is awarded upon the administering of their 100th enema.

Let’s face it; there are long hours and nurses have to deal with the general public (eww!) when they are sick and anxious, but the daily duties aren’t that hard.  Checking pulses and temperatures, giving injections, and administering sponge baths (sometimes to injured footballers with amazing pecs!) are really all there is to it.  You might have to clear away a soiled sheet here or there, which is unpleasant, however this kind of work can leave you with an enormous sense of self-worth.

And if you still have doubts about pursuing a career in nursing, just think about the advantages; unemployment is only ever going to be voluntary (unless you’re incompetent), there’s always loads of overtime available, and most of all, you get to work alongside people with amazing earnings potential.

Pulses may race when this young nurse uses her stethoscope.

Seriously!  You work with doctors!  Doctors!  Surgeons!  Specialists!  Get to know these people and start relationships with them.  Make compilation CD’s and present them on the doctors’ birthdays with little cards that say, “I hope this helps you to chill after a long day.”  Or give them back massages and shoulder massages at the end of their shifts when they are exhausted and at their most vulnerable.  Do what you need to do to get close to them.  Use what you have in order to make the relationships work for you.  Remember that the only other people who can get this close to people who make this much cash regularly are high-class hookers, or maybe legal secretaries (but the asshole factor is tremendously high among lawyers).

And remember; those doctors, and your nursing career are just waiting for you, but they’re not going to wait forever.  Get in there while you’ve still got something to offer.

* No male nurses made themselves available to be photographed for this article.

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