Short on denim – But not on courage

Steppin' out - Yakedoshita enjoying the late Autumn sunshine in Tokyo.

Steppin’ out – Yakedoshita enjoying the late Autumn sunshine in Tokyo.

It’s certainly a pleasure to be able to admire Kito Yakedoshita’s bum cheeks peeking out from beneath his micro-shorts as he climbs the park stairs. But he doesn’t want me to. And he doesn’t want you to either. What he does want, however, is respect.

“ “Are you loco for sex?” is what most women ask me when they see me in my micro-shorts. I try to explain that I just like the sense of freedom and exhilaration that comes when I step out in these clothes but, try as I might, women just don’t want to hear it. Wherever I go, I seem to have horny women pointing at me and saying, “sex”.”

A common occurrence for Yakedoshita; yet another woman asking to be photographed with him.

Whether it be spring, as in this picture, or summer, or autumn, or winter, Yakedoshita has to deal with women asking to be photographed with him whenever he’s out and about.

The battle to de-sex the micro-shorts can be a lonely fight, as Yakedoshita explains, “I tried to reach out to various groups who offer support for people who are in a similar position to mine. But despite the numerous letters and phone calls, it appeared that all my requests had fallen on deaf ears. The Cut-Lunch Alliance, for example, have taken up the fight for women who want to wear tight crop tops and labia gripping pants in public without fear of harassment. Well… they told me that my fight was not their fight. I think that there’s a clear double standard there, but I guess that’s to be expected when it comes to women who want to politicize their tits.”

Yakedoshita eventually found common ground with yet another women’s group, the Camel Toe Guild. “This is a movement,” gushes chief fundraiser Hareru Inbu. “This isn’t small time anymore. This is a movement. I feel like, not just most, but all of us here are true believers in human rights for all. Even though he’s a man, Yakedoshita is the person that everybody has been praying for. Enough’s enough. We want a change. We don’t like the way things are going. With Yakedoshita on board, I feel more hopeful today than I have in a long time. Make no mistake, I’m still scared for the future, but it’s a happy kind of scared.”

The Danger Zone - Yakedoshita is at his most vulnerable when climbing stairs.

The Danger Zone – Yakedoshita is at his most vulnerable when climbing stairs.

Yakedoshita himself prefers to leave the grand speeches for the ladies, while he focuses on building awareness in the community. “Some people ask me why I do it. They want to know why I willingly go around turning people on. But that’s not who I am. I’m not doing that. I simply feel comfortable wearing micro-shorts, and I want others to be comfortable with that too.”

So it is up to Yakedoshita, with the support of the brave Camel Toe Guild, to fight the battle to de-sex the micro-shorts. If he succeeds, it’ll mean that he’ll finally be able to walk down the street without being ogled, whistled at, spanked, or even having his scrotum lightly, but noticeably, raked by well-manicured insistent fingernails.

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