“The only female who understands me just happens to be a Kanagawa schoolgirl.”

For the time being Hocking prefers Rina to maintain contact via public phone rather than by mobile or e-mail.

Part 1 in our find-your-love-in-Japan series, designed to inspire single foreigners to search for their true love somewhere out there in this crazy mixed-up archipelago.

Tony Hocking shudders visibly when asked about his previous relationships. “I’ve had relations with women from many countries, with women of all different colors and shapes and sizes. But they’re all built like construction workers compared to my new girl… err… special friend, who’s a real Tinkerbell.”

Hocking is referring to his 18 year old “soul buddy”, Rina Kuriba,  who he met while working at the Sunrise English Conversation School. Despite the rather concerning age difference, the pair clicked on an intellectual level straight away. Says the 32 year old Winnipegger, “I asked her what her hobbies were, and she said that she liked movies, music and manga. I couldn’t believe it, because they were exactly the same hobbies that I have.”

“I wanted to get serious right away, but there were certain steps that I needed to take before pursuing a physical relationship with her. More than anything, I had to confirm whether there were any police in her family, and whether her father or brother knew karate.”

After ascertaining that there was minimal chance that he’d get his head kicked in, Hocking began his courtship of Kuriba. Their six months together have not only become a torrid, steamy, and at times kinky physical awakening for the young lass, but also the beginning of a mind-broadening journey.

“She told me that she was looking forward to graduation so that she would never have to wear her uniform again,” explained Hocking. “Naturally, I froze upon hearing these words. The thought of her putting her blazer, ribbons, and pleated skirt in the trash mortified me, so I carefully explained the dangers of the throwaway society, and suggested that she at least keep it for reasons of posterity.”

While some people may be quick to dismiss Hocking as a shameless opportunist, they should note that he is a man who needs to constantly consider his significant other’s situation. “While there are the fun times, there are also questions that we need to ask about her future. To that end I guess I do have a kind of mentor/life-coach role. So far I’ve advised her to pursue a career as  either a nurse or a cabin attendant, and to consider working as a race queen while she’s at college.”

* Names have been changed at the request of the interviewee.

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