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Mosaic shortage sends panic pulsating through AV industry

  A spate of typhoons in western Japan has caused […]

New US drama to feature Japan loving geek who reads manga

The word is out that American TV executives have been w […]

Kiwis turn Yoyogi into Park of the Long White Cloud

Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park in June.  It’s overcast.  The grass […]

Yakisoba-pan absent from UNESCO list

December 2013 was a time of great excitement in Japan.  […]

Another western woman leaves Japan feeling disillusioned

  Tokyo has found itself centre stage for the late […]

The Way To The Budokan

So, you’ve got a bit of talent and you fancy yourself u […]

LA: Incessant Blue Sky

Groundbreaking international police cooperation took pl […]

It’s All Jolly Good at Shane – But Don’t Mention Che

Who do the teachers at Shane English Conversation Schoo […]