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Canada Festival creates ripples in Tokyo

“Look around you. This is a world class event,” enthuse […]

South African Expat starts 1 month “Japanese-only” diet

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“Miso sad” – Doors close on Texan ramen chef’s noodle dream

Chad Elway takes an audible drag on his cigarette and t […]

Yakisoba-pan absent from UNESCO list

December 2013 was a time of great excitement in Japan.& […]

Exclusive: A Dolphin talks Taiji

We came across Shixi when we were trying to monitor dol […]

Temperatures and BS Meters reach extreme at Australian Festival

Following the success of festivals organized by the Tha […]

Restaurant Review – Sal’s

Lovers of Italian food would probably agree that Italia […]

It’s now official: Curry IS hot!

Most people around the world grow up learning the basic […]

Restaurant Review – Level Up

Seeing as a lot of Nova teachers and students use to co […]